How does CRCL have value?

The CRCL Team has deposited $5,000 of ETH and 6.63 billion CRCL Tokens into Uniswap, a decentralized exchange and automated market maker. This ETH is the root of CRCL's initial value. We intend to make CRCL accessible to everyone, which is why we have made it affordable. Buying CRCL is an opportunity to invest in solving real-world problems through crypto. By simply buying and holding, investors simultaneously create a community that will be leveraged to enter partnerships going forward. This is only the beginning.

Doesn't crypto harm the environment?

We acknowledge that crypto mining has been in the news for energy consumption and environmental harm. But wouldn't it be serendipitous if crypto could be the very thing that heals the environment? At CRCL, we see crypto as the most efficient and respectful way to incentivize sustainable practices as we aim to bring the environment to the forefront of everyone's minds. If money can be made through performing sustainable actions, we believe that these actions will be diligently performed. While some might see healing Earth as a byproduct of an action, we see it as a motivation to make CRCL an overwhelming success.

Why is CRCL the answer to a worldwide problem?

Governments and other centralized entities have tried to solve this problem and have been unsuccessful due to their centralization. In addition, these entities must spend large sums money in order to truly make a difference. CRCL steps in to provide a decentralized way of rewarding circular actions. The worldwide community will govern the rewards for the entire world. As the CRCL community grows, people will earn rewards, and the earth will heal. It's a straightforward answer to a highly complex problem, exemplifying the brilliance of decentralization.

How far away is the utility of this coin?

The day that people can recycle a plastic bottle and receive crypto will be monumental, not only for CRCL but for the whole world. There's a lot that needs to be accomplished in the meantime. We must have a passionate community with volunteers, investors, partners, and community governors. We believe that this process does not have to be a long one. Each person that tells their friend or neighbor about CRCL will expedite the process. We may be biased, but envision quick growth based purely on the necessity for what CRCL has to offer.